Crowns & Bridgework in Reston VA

Dental Crowns & Bridges

Lost tooth? Decaying teeth? Teeth problems can manifest themselves in various ways. Dental crowns and bridges are the solutions for chipped tooth, cracked tooth and tooth decay.

A dental crown or cap is recommended after a root canal treatment. It is an outer shell that gives strength and shape to the tooth that has weakened owing to decay. It prevents the tooth from further breaking and degrading. This is a restorative technique where the color and texture of the crown is modified to make them look like natural teeth. The various materials used for dental crowns include:

  • Metal
  • Ceramic
  • Metal fused with ceramic

If you have lost a front tooth, your dentist may recommend a ceramic crown, which is the highest quality crown with a high aesthetic appeal.

A missing tooth can cause a lot of discomfort. It puts additional stress on the remaining teeth while chewing and biting. A dental bridge is a fixed dental replacement used to replace a missing tooth. It is like a series of crowns that take support from the adjacent teeth to fill the gap. It is different from a dental partial; a dental partial is an artificial tooth that is removable. Types of dental bridges include:

  • Resin Retained Bridge
  • Conventional Bridge
  • Hybrid Bridge

For more information on our dental crowns and bridges, contact us or call us at 703-689-0110.

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